Quicka Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy, a reference to “Quicka”, “we”, “us” and “ours” refers to Quicka Pty Ltd ACN 634 811 671.

1. We respect your privacy

At Quicka we respect your right to privacy and we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers and website visitors. We manage your personal information securely and consistently with the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) ("Privacy Act"), and the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code 2014 (“CR Code”).

This privacy policy explains how we collect, handle and deal with personal information (including credit information) about individuals.

2. Collection of personal information

We will collect certain personal information about you depending on the circumstances in which our product or service is being provided. This can include the following types of personal information:

  • identification information such as your full legal name, date of birth, residential address, telephone numbers, email and other electronic addresses and other information required for identity verification purposes such as driver’s licence;
  • financial and related information for businesses such as your registered business name and trading name if different from your registered business name, ABN/ACN, nature of business, listed directors and or major shareholders including beneficial and non-beneficial owners, nominated business bank accounts, business assets and liabilities, verifiable income, trading address, contact number, email address, and other relevant information as it pertains to verifying the nature of the business and business dealings;
  • your transaction history with Quicka and its associates or relevant third parties.

We may also collect your credit information such as the collection of bank statements, account numbers and customer identifier numbers.

From time to time, we may request you to provide additional information or update your personal information to ensure that it is accurate, up to date, complete and relevant for the purposes of providing our products and services.  

3. Applicability of Privacy Policy to credit related information

The Privacy Act has specific rules about two types of consumer credit related information that we may collect:

  • Credit related information - This relates primarily to your credit-related dealings with us. For example identification information, information about your account with us and its status (whether it is still on foot, payment and internal default information), as well as any publicly available information.

  • Credit eligibility information – This relates to any personal information that is credit reporting information about the individual which was disclosed to a credit provider by  credit reporting bodies (“CRBs”), or derived from it, so it may also include information about your credit related dealings with other credit providers.

4. How we collect your personal information

We will collect personal information from you in a variety of ways, primarily from you when you interact with us electronically or in person, by email, telephone contact with us, via our website (www.quicka.co) for the  our services to you.

There are also certain instances in which we will collect information about you from third parties where it is unreasonable or impracticable to collect it directly from you. For example, where we need to verify information you have provided. Even where your application is for consumer credit, we may collect information about you from a business which provides information about commercial credit worthiness for the purpose of assessing your application.

Other third parties that we may collect your information from include:

  • Our related companies, business partners, subsidiaries and affiliates that are assisting in the review or processing of a credit application with which you are connected, or with the provision of our services, such as by providing data storage and other similar services
  • your accountant, banks, guarantors, financial advisers or others with whom you have previously had dealings;
  • other related entities who may have information about you;
  • in relation to credit information, by contacting other credit providers who may have information about you relevant to us;
  • CRBs such as Equifax and Illion when we seek verification of information in relation to your identity
  • by accessing information about you that is publicly available such as those maintained by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission as well as internet sources.;
  • your executor, administrator or attorney;
  • service providers to us (including debt collection agencies, introducers, private investigators, professional advisers);
  • professional organisations;
  • public and subscriber only databases;
  • any person considered necessary in our view to execute your instructions; and
  • government authorities.

We may also log information about your access and use of our website. This information may include your internet service provider (ISP), browser type, operating system, internet protocol addresses, referring/exit page, date/time stamp and clickstream data.

5. Purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information

We may, as permitted by law, collect, hold, use or disclose personal information for the purposes for which it was collected, related purposes for which you would reasonably expect us to use or disclose the information or where you have consented to us using or disclosing the information.

These purposes include:

  • identity verification purposes and conduct appropriate due diligence;
  • in order for us to decide whether to provide a product applied for or service requested (this might involve evaluating your credit worthiness);
  • providing our products or services, including related arrangements (e.g. where we provide you with credit to pay an invoice);
  • to detect and prevent instances of fraud, unlawful conduct, and other risks to you or our products and services;
  • to ensure fast and accurate approval and processing of payment transactions;
  • to assess any insurance risks or claims associated with you or our products or services;
  • dispute and complaint resolution, and assisting other credit providers to do the same;
  • enforcing our rights, including the collection of outstanding payments and where necessary, initiating legal proceedings;
  • optimise our business processes and services;
  • undertaking review and maintenance of our systems and infrastructure;
  • undertaking research and development of new products and services;
  • undertaking securitisation activities and other activities relating to funding and capital requirements;
  • enabling our associated entities and selected other entities to promote their products and services to customers;
  • marketing products and services provided by us and our related entities (you can request not to receive direct marketing communications at any time);
  • developing an understanding of the products and services you may be interested in receiving from us and our related entities;
  • produce and optimise our credit models;
  • produce reports containing anonymised summaries derived from personal information and other information that is not personal information (General Information);
  • assisting customers in meeting their credit related obligations;
  • enforcing our rights, including debt recovery and other enforcement;
  • dealing with serious credit infringements, and assisting other credit providers to do the same; and

complying with various Australian laws including the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter –Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth) or the Australian taxation laws which may specifically require us to collect your personal information, and with other regulatory requirements and laws where collecting your information is necessary in order for us to comply with our obligations.

6. Compliance requirement under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth)

In order for us to comply with the customer identification obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth) (AMLCTF Act), we may be required to collect your personal information such as:

  • your full legal name
  • your residential address
  • your date of birth

In some cases, we may need to collect information about the political activities and opinions of individuals to determine whether they are politically exposed persons for the purposes of the AMLCTF Act. We may also need to clarify and/or update the personal information we previously collected for identity verification purpose, and/or collect further information including financial information about individuals.

As part of the verification processes, we may need to take copies of your personal identification documents in order to verify your identity in accordance with the requirements of that Act.

We may also disclose your full name, residential address and date of birth to CRBs for the purposes of providing an assessment of whether this identification information matches (wholly or in partly) personal information held by the CRBs. The CRBs may compare your details with personal information held by the body (being the names, residential address and dates of birth of other individuals) for the purpose of making this assessment.

If you do not wish to disclose your personal information to CRBs for the purposes of the AMLCTF Act, please contact us by email at hello@quicka.co and we will provide an alternative means of verifying your identity.

7. Disclosing your personal information to third parties

We may disclose your personal information to third parties, including:

  • your co-applicant (if any);
  • our related entities based in Australia;
  • entities providing other services to us, including legal services, financial services, market research, CRBs such as Equifax or Illion and data providers;
  • our assignees or potential assignees, or where we act as an agent for, or otherwise on behalf of, another person, to the principal or that other person;
  • the supplier of services financed with credit we provide;
  • Service providers, where the payment or credit service provided by us involves payments to the service provider for services rendered by them;
  • other financial institutions or entities such as banks and credit providers;
  • insurers, assessors, underwriters, and other distributors;
  • government regulatory bodies in Australia and overseas;
  • organisations involved in debt assignment or securitisation arrangements;
  • debt collectors or other enforcement bodies;
  • entities who wish to be involved in our business, or acquire an interest in our business; and
  • third parties you authorise to act on your behalf or that are otherwise connected with you (e.g. your accountant, legal representative or referee).

8. Overseas disclosure

We may disclose your personal information to our business partners, service providers and affiliates who are located overseas and/or do not carry on business in Australia in order to assist us in delivering our products and services to you, such as providing customer service, processing credit checks or securing data storage and other similar services. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that such disclosure is in compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

It is likely that such disclosures will be made to persons in countries including the Philippines, where our customer service support centre will be operating from.

9. How we hold and protect your personal information

We will hold your personal information pursuant to the Privacy Act, in a manner that reasonably protects it from misuse and loss and from authorised access, modification or disclosure. We will hold your personal information in paper or other physical form but it is usually held in electronic form on our systems. We use a range of physical and electronic security measures, for example, access restrictions to protect the personal information stored in our database.

While we may use third party service providers to maintain some of our data systems and provide related services, these entities are only authorised to use your personal information where it is necessary to provide these types of services to us. We require any person that has access to personal information that we have collected to act in a manner consistent with our obligations under the Privacy Act and with our general privacy standards.

Our employees are also required to keep your personal information confidential.  

10. Cookies

One way of collecting information is through cookies. Cookies are small text files that websites send to your computer or other Internet-connected device to uniquely identify your browser or to store information or settings in your browser. Cookies allow us to recognize you when you return. They also help us provide a customized experience.

In many cases, the information we collect using cookies and other tools is only used in a non-identifiable way, without reference to Personal Information. For example, we use information we collect about website users to optimize our website and to understand website traffic patterns.

Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on your prior visits to their websites. Google’s use of the DART cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads to you based on your visit to sites and/or other sites on the Internet.

You may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the advertising opt-out page. (Alternatively, you can opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.)

You can use Ads Settings to manage the Google ads you see and opt out of interest-based ads. Even if you opt out of interest-based ads, you may still see ads based on factors such as your general location derived from your IP address, your browser type and recent, previous searches related to your current search.

11. AdWords

This website uses the Google AdWords remarketing service to advertise on third party websites (including Google) to previous visitors to our site. This could be in the form of an advertisement on the Google search results page, or a site in the Google Display Network. Third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on someone’s past visits to our website. Any data collected will be used in accordance with our own privacy policy and Google’s privacy policy.

You can set preferences for how Google advertises to you using the Google Ad Preferences page.

12. CRBs and your rights in relation to them

Although the Privacy Act permits us to disclose your credit information to CRBs for certain purposes, and to receive information from them, we do not actively do this at present. However, we will appoint an agent to ensure that any previously listed defaults will be updated with the CRB as required (e.g. when repayments are received). The CRBs to which we disclose this information may include the information in their reports to other credit providers in order for them to conduct an assessment of your credit worthiness.

The CRBs from which we may collect, and to which we disclose, credit information include:


Website: www.illion.com.au

Phone: 1300 734 806

Address: Public Access Centre, PO Box 7405, St Kilda, VIC 3004

Equifax Australia

Website: www.equifax.com.au

Phone: 13 83 32

Address: PO Box 964, North Sydney, NSW 2059

You are entitled to contact the CRBs and request not to:

  • use your credit reporting information for the purposes of pre-screening of direct marketing by a credit provider.
  • use or disclose your credit reporting information for a period if you believe on reasonable grounds that you have been, or are likely to be, a victim of fraud.

13.  Access and Correction

We take every step that is reasonably practicable to ensure that the personal information we collect and hold is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

You may, at any time, request access to personal information (and personal credit information) that we hold about you, if there is an error, where the information is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date. Upon such request, we will verify your request and correct, amend or add to the information we hold about you.

In the event that we do not agree to your request for correction, we will give you notice of this outlining our reasons and what next steps you can take. You may also request us to associate a statement with that information to the effect that the information is inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading so that it is apparent to users of the information.

You are entitled to specify how you wish to access your personal information, so long as this is reasonable and practicable. In order to access your personal information, please contact us at hello@quicka.co.

We will not charge you a fee for your access request, but may charge you the reasonable cost of processing your request to allow us to provide you with access to your personal information (e.g. if you request a voluminous printings of hard copy records).

We verify the identity of anyone requesting access to personal information. This will ensure that we do not provide information to a person who does not have the right to access that information.

We ask that your request for information be as specific as possible so that we can accommodate your request. We will usually provide you with access within thirty (21) days of a request but in some circumstances, it may take longer.

Please note, that under Australian law, we are entitled to refuse you access to your information in certain circumstances, including where:

  • access would be unlawful;
  • denying access is required or authorised by or under an Australian law or a court/tribunal order; or
  • access would prejudice enforcement activities or the taking of appropriate action in relation to unlawful activity or serious misconduct.

14. Privacy complaints

If you have a complaint about our treatment or our records of your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer at hello@quicka.co and we will investigate your complaint and endeavour to resolve any issues you may have.

We will aim to respond within seven (7) days of you making your complaint to acknowledge receipt of your complaint. It is our policy to investigate and resolve all complaints (where practicable) within thirty (21) days of receiving the complaint. Where it is a legal requirement to do so, then in the event we need more time to investigate and resolve your complaint, we will notify you as to the reasons why and seek your agreement to extend this thirty (21) day period (if you do not agree, we may then not be able to resolve your complaint).

Please note, where your complaint relates to your credit information, we may consult with third parties where necessary and as permitted under the Privacy Act, to investigate and resolve your complaint.

If we do not adequately address your concerns, you have the right to make a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) if you believe we have breached the Privacy Act, the Australian Privacy Principles and the CR Code. Complaints to the OAIC must be made in writing and you can find further information about making a complaint to OAIC at: https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-complaints/

15. Unsubscribe

If you do not wish to receive offers unrelated to your Quicka products and services, please contact us to “opt out”, via the details in Contact Us.

16. Contact us

To find out more about us, our Privacy Policy or privacy practices, contact us via the following details:

Quicka Pty Ltd

Level 8, 11 York St

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Email: hello@quicka.co

17. Privacy policy changes

We may change or update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify you by email or by means of a notice on our website if we intend to make any material changes to our privacy policy. We suggest that you periodically review this Privacy Policy by checking our website at quicka.co and clicking on ‘Privacy Policy’ to obtain the most current version.

This Privacy Policy was last modified on 13 November 2019.