Interest-free payment plans for your

Fix what you need today, pay for it in four instalments, interest-free.
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Stress less about Life's emergencies

Whether it's your pipes bursting, forgetting your keys or that car breakdown. It can all be expensive and out of the blue. Quicka helps you with life's unexpected with four interest free instalments.

Four easy instalments

1st Payment

2nd Payment

3rd Payment

Final Payment

How it works

1. Onboard on Quicka

Tell your tradie, accountant or mechanic that you'd like to pay through Quicka. If they're not already on Quicka, we can onboard them right away to get you both going.

2. Pay for a fraction

You just need to pay for the first 1/4 of the bill, the rest we'll split up for you over equal repayments every two weeks. We pay your tradie straight away in full. Everyone wins!

3. No early penalties

You can either let the payment come out every two weeks, or pay the rest as soon as you're ready. Regardless, you'll pay no extra for clearing it up.

No messy applications

Don't worry about those long, complicated credit applications from your bank. Quicka's fast and easy onboarding system makes it really simple for you to be approved and onboarded before you know it. Manage all your payments in the Quicka dashboard.

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What can you use Quicka for

We work with sparkies, builders, plumbers, mechanics, accountants and just about any type of business that will send you invoice for you to pay. We pay them upfront, and let you pay us back in four equal repayments.


Whether you need some new power points installed, a circuit has blown or you just need a light fixed, Quicka can help make it more affordable for you.


It doesn't matter if they're fixing your fence, patching up a hole in your wall or building you a new deck. Pay with Quicka and spread out the cost interest-free.


If your toilet blows, your sink is leaking or you are fixing an old shower. They're all things that can cost a lot, Quicka can soften the blow.


You're broken down on the side of the road, your car is going to be off for a week. The last thing you want to worry about is the bill coming your way - this is where Quicka comes in.

Refer a tradie for $50 off your bill

If your tradie, accountant or mechanic isn't yet on the Quicka platform and you refer them to us, we'll give you $50 off your bill with them.