Payment on your terms

Get paid the same day you invoice. No account chasing.
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No more 60 day payment terms

Send your invoices to Quicka and we'll pay you as soon as your invoice is confirmed. We take care of all the stress and hassle of following up for money while you get paid straight away.

Companies like yours trust us:
Clever Built Constructions

How it works

1. Send your invoice

Send us the invoice, we present payment terms to your customer and they choose how they want to pay - immediately, or with a payment plan -  either way you get paid straight away.

2. Get Paid

We pay direct into your bank account. No need to integrate with payment gateways or mess around with card setups. No hidden fees, just a flat 5% of the total invoice amount.

3. Forget the chase

Forget endless emails and awkward phone calls. You get paid as soon as your invoice is confirmed so you'll never need to chase payments again - let Quicka do the work for you.

Pain free reconciliation

With Quicka, you get paid straight away and all your invoices and payments are in the one place. We provide detailed monthly reporting making it simple and easy to reconcile your accounts in minutes, not hours.

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Who Quicka helps

We work with tradies, freelancers, contractors and small businesses from dozens of different industries.


Whether you're a web designer, an illustrator or graphic designer. Clients can take a while to sort your invoice out - Quicka can have you paid fast.


You could be a management consultant, an account or lawyer. Your income is based around helping people grow and succeed with their business. We want to make sure you get paid.


We help digital, print, trade or whatever kind of reporting you do. You're probably working with a handful of publications - invoice to the one place, get paid in one day.


You're literally building other people's businesses for them. The last thing you want is to have to worry about chasing them for payments. We have your back.

Content creators

You could be a podcaster, a technical writer, social media manager or video producer. It doesn't matter to us - you should be busy creating, not busy chasing payments.


Whether it's fixing the plumbing at a local house or you're doing regular contracts for a developer, Quicka can help pay and reconcile all your invoices for all your customers.

What customers say

Our mission is to solve cash flow stress by helping small businesses pay and get paid quicka.

"Quicka helped me reconcile all my accounts into the one place. Now I know that no matter who my client or customer is, I'll get paid straight away from the same place without needing to chase payments or worry about my cashflow."

"Such a great product! The sign up process was super quick and my clients loved having the flexibility to pay their invoices over time. Also means I don't need to chase invoices. Thank you!!"

Sid Cachuela

"Highly competent team and great product utility. A perfect solution that caters to businesses that need assistance with their cash flow and needs to get paid sooner than later."

Take control of your cashflow with Quicka.

Stop worrying about chasing unpaid invoices and start focusing on the parts of your business that matter most.